Lyrics to Open Your Eyes
by All 4 One

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[edit]Song titleOpen Your Eyes
[edit]Artist nameAll 4 One
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Uh, here we go

I saw you yesterday
And you tried to not see me
But as our eyes said hello
I wondered if we'd ever be close

Cuz you keep playing
Games with me
Telling me you're feeling me
I just want to believe
you're down with me
But I can't let myself be so naive

What's it gonna take to
make you serious
Is it love? It is trust?
Baby won't you take a chance on us
How can I make you feel
just the way I do
I keep giving you the sign
But you gotta open up your eyes
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You called me to explain
Why you couldn't talk to me
You said that you needed space
And now you say that you still want me
If it's love you want
If it's love you need
Why can't you see
That we could be
Everything you want
And everything that you need
Girl open up your eyes
and you will see


Girl I wish that you would
just make up your mind
Cuz it seems to me we're
running out of time
Baby I'm tired of all your alibis
And I wish that you'd just
open up your eyes

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Lyrics to Open Your Eyes
by All 4 One

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