Lyrics to Shading
by All That Remains

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[edit]Song titleShading
[edit]Artist nameAll That Remains
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've seen through the shading
And down to what's within
Reaching you will feel me

Lost and alone, you said
I was what you were looking for
So why do I feel so empty?

And it seemed so real
Pulled from my grasp taken away
Am I nothing in your eyes? Reaching out I feel
You were pulling away, never letting me in
I am nothing in your eyes
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Day in, day out, I see you live your life again
A fool, I stand here in waiting
In letters, words and pictures
You profess your love to me
And to the last they were lies

The malice I should feel for your deceitfulness
Somehow always escapes me
And in the shading
Between the words you said to me
I know I'd be left empty
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Lyrics to Shading
by All That Remains

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