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[edit]Song titleDot
[edit]Artist nameAll
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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it's not my fault, it wasn't up to you. christmas
eve comes once a year and that will never do. your
image started fading, i closed my eyes to see.
tell me do you close your eyes for me? now your
door seems half a world away, the price of
gasoline is more than i can pay. plus i don't have
a car i can call my very own, i guess i'll spend
another night alone. if i could say i'm sorry, who
would i say it to? besides apologies mean less
Find more similar lyrics on dirt to folks like me and you. you know it's
true. should i say too bad, or so what? what's
appropriate? should i show it? call you on the
phone and let you know it? back at my house
there's nothing on tv, the bathroom mirror casts
confusing looks from me to me. i watched you from
a distance, for too briefly held you close, i
guess that's just the way this story goes.
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Lyrics to Dot
by All

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