Lyrics to I Found a Letter
by Allison Moorer

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[edit]Song titleI Found a Letter
[edit]Artist nameAllison Moorer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I found a letter that you wrote me, it said I was your one and only
And you would never ever leave my loving arms
But the truth is all that matters, your pretty words no longer flatter
'Cause I know they didn't come from your heart

I found your guitar in the closet, I remember when you bought it
And how you serenaded me under the stars
Now there's no one here to play it, you changed your tune, I hate to say it
But the songs didn't come from your heart

In your heart, I believed I'd found the love of my dreams
Find more similar lyrics on hoped my search was through
But now all I'm finding are memories that remind me
What a fool I was to think it was true

I found your ring still on my finger, it's been there
Since we saw the preacher and swore to him
In front of God, death do us part
It's just a fourteen-carat trinket but like my promise, I will keep it
Even though it didn't come from your heart

I found a letter that you wrote me
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Lyrics to I Found a Letter
by Allison Moorer

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