Lyrics to Sorry for Nothing
by Almighty

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[edit]Song titleSorry for Nothing
[edit]Artist nameAlmighty
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I never listen to reason
coz I got no reason to listen
put your mind inside a bodybag
it's in a terminal
condition (right)


You love, hate and kill my time
love, hate and kill my time
now I want to rise and shine


Sorry for nothing
why should I feel
sorry for nothing
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I believe deep down inside
You think you're Jesus
fucking Christ
point the gun, aim to please
coz I know, you know,
I know I'm right

(pre-chorus chorus)

I hope you're feeling bitter
I'm so happy I could die
You told me I could count on you
but I can't count that high


I hope you're feeling bitter
sorry for nothing
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Lyrics to Sorry for Nothing
by Almighty

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