Lyrics to Come To Life
by Alter Bridge

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[edit]Song titleCome To Life
[edit]Artist nameAlter Bridge
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hey, tore away the veil of weakness
The enemy now lies beneath us, I think we're safe
Hey, won't be held down any longer
No disgrace and no dishonor, keep us chained

There's nothing we should have to fear
'Cause it's alright, we've come to life
We'll never shed another tear
It's alright, we've come to life

Hey, I am bulletproof, I'm so resilient
To every fool with an opinion, they never break
Oh, by the way, we always scream to find a reason
Never doubt to stop believing and escape

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'Cause it's alright, we've come to life
We'll never shed another tear
It's alright, we've come to life

Now wicked tongues can speak and rewrite history
But you can't keep the truth contained
And like the song was sung
Realize we're one and don't forget we're here to stay

There's nothing we should have to fear
'Cause it's alright, we've come to life
We'll never shed another tear
It's alright, we've come to life
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Lyrics to Come To Life
by Alter Bridge

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