Lyrics to As we fly
by Amaran

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[edit]Song titleAs we fly
[edit]Artist nameAmaran
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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japanese bonus track

You always followed someone else
And now you are bleeding
It will never be as you assume
As long as you follow leaders

As we fly on our own
We will never find our way back home

Crawling underneath my biggest fear
Please don't come to near
I can't hide in my eyes
So I look away and
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I never wanted
To walk alone out here
in the cold light
I never learn from my mistakes
Streets full of broken hearts
A graveyard for my tears
And concrete tastes like blood

You just wanted to prepare me
For the evil world
When you peeled me like an apple
Was it so I'd grow a thicker scar?
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Lyrics to As we fly
by Amaran

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