Lyrics to Anne Marie
by American Aquarium

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[edit]Song titleAnne Marie
[edit]Artist nameAmerican Aquarium
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Late night call from an old friend, her voice it
was shaking at the other end. She said "i
didn't know who else to call." I know he
doesn't treat her right but she'll crawl back
into bed tonight and lie awake just wondering what
could have been. Oh Anne Marie wont you please,
please, please. Tell me what has he done. Oh Anne
Marie i'm begging you please. Get out while
there's still time to run Well he starts to yell
when he starts to drink and he starts a lot of
trouble never stops to think about the damage that
is being done. But one night the bourbon flooded
his veins like a raging black river of lust and
pain and that would be the last time he raised his
hand. She was shaking like a rocket on the
boulevard and her tears they were cold and her
Find more similar lyrics on they were hard as she returned that angel to
the bedside drawer. Then she packed her bags and
she moved away, you know he's the only reason
that she ever stayed. Now she is out there living
on the run. Oh Anne Marie wont you please, please,
please. Tell me what have you done. Oh Anne Marie
i'm begging you please. Get out while there's
still time to run Well me telephone don't ring
no more and last i heard she's at the jersey
shore and if i believed in god I'd pray for you.
But a prayer without belief is like a pill without
relief, so I'll just save us both the letting
down. Oh Anne Marie wont you please, please,
please. Tell me what have you done. Oh Anne Marie
i'm begging you please. Stay out, please stay
out on the run
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Lyrics to Anne Marie
by American Aquarium

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