Lyrics to Black Winter day
by Amorphis

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[edit]Song titleBlack Winter day
[edit]Artist nameAmorphis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tomi Koivusarri
Vocals / Rhythm guitar
Esa Holopainen
Lead guitars
Olli - Pekka Laine
Jan Rechberger
Kasper Martenson
Keyboards and Moog
Black Winter Day
This is how the lucky feel,
how the blessed think.
Like daybreak in spring, the
sun on a spring morning.
Like the flat brink of a cloud.
Like a dark night in autumn.
But how do I my gloomy depths?
"This is how the lucky feel,
how the blessed think.
Like daybreak in spring, the
sun on a spring morning.
Like the flat brink of a cloud.
Like a dark night in autumn.
A black winter day."
This is how the lucky feel,
how the blessed think.
Like daybreak in spring, the
sun on a spring morning.
Like the flat brink of a cloud.
Like a dark night in autumn.

A black winter day no, darker than that.
Gloomier that an autumn night.
Folk Of The North
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Moon and Sun
Where has the sun gone from us?
Where is the moon lost to us?
The moon will not gleam at all.
Nor will the sun shine at all.
Death open's it's mouth, the
son of the Northlander.
Came to look, to listen.
"There beyond the river is hero walking"
He took one step and hurried another.
To the North's shore he hurried.
He drew his sword, wrenched the iron.
Snatched from the sheath the harsh one.
Upon whose point the moon shone.
Upon whose hilt the sun flashed.
Upon whoes back a horse stands.
He uttered a word, spoke thus,
"There the sun has gone from you.
The sun gone and the moon lost"
Moon and Sun Part 2: North's son.
Go, look at the moon and inspect the sun.
Now they are in the sky.
Right in their old places.
Hail, moon, for gleeming.
Fair one for showing your face.
Dear sun for dawning.
And daylight for comming up!
Dear moon, you're out from the rock.
Fair day from the cliff.
You've risen as a golden
cuckoo, as a silver dove.
Up to where you used to live.
Fare well now upon your way,
upon your journey.
Sweetly end your curve beautifully.
Come at evening into joy!
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Lyrics to Black Winter day
by Amorphis

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