Lyrics to Ethereal Solitude
by Amorphis

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[edit]Song titleEthereal Solitude
[edit]Artist nameAmorphis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Blackness falls on empty calmness
the night is full
I kissed the frozen sweetness
the mist around my grief

don't let the past wear you down
let go of the life that haunts you tonight
don't let the silence take the sound

alone and isolated
ethereal solitude
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there's no one to hold on to

don't let the past wear you down
let go of the life that haunts you tonight
don't let the silence take the sound

don't let the past wear you down
let go of the life that haunts you tonight
don't let the silence take the sound
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Lyrics to Ethereal Solitude
by Amorphis

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