Lyrics to Where Silence Echoes
by Anael

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[edit]Song titleWhere Silence Echoes
[edit]Artist nameAnael
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Where silence echoes... endlessly
On petals I'm enthroned and a
finger seals my lip
Shells hide my kingdom from dead
stares of the profane

Here is no place for vultures' sateless cries
for perishable treasure
A lair, so sombre and arcane,
for those enstranged
by this world
A darkness deep within that
shines in every colour and
speaks in tongues of silver
There dwell the great of all
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coined in stone with golden lines

Where history is not just dead words
sealed in ancient books
But breathes pestilence upon the ones
who just forgot
And don't remember those forsaken
giant's sleeping
I still can see their causeways
gleaming through the twilight


Where silence echoes... thundering
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Lyrics to Where Silence Echoes
by Anael

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