Lyrics to I'd Love to Have Your Daughter's Hand in Marriage
by Anal Cunt

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[edit]Song titleI'd Love to Have Your Daughter's Hand in Marriage
[edit]Artist nameAnal Cunt
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Please Sir, let me court your daughter I'll treat
her like the way I oughta When I take her out I'll
have her home by ten I'll treat her better than
the rest of the men

I'd love to have your daughter's hand in marriage
I'd love to push around a baby carriage I wanna
Find more similar lyrics on your hand & call you dad I'll never make
your daughter sad

I want to carry her books home from school I'll
put my jacket over a puddle for you I'll be your
shelter in the worst of any storm I'll always be
there to keep you safe & warm
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Lyrics to I'd Love to Have Your Daughter's Hand in Marriage
by Anal Cunt

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