Lyrics to Crucifiction Justified (Roman Supremacy)
by Ancient Rites

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[edit]Song titleCrucifiction Justified (Roman Supremacy)
[edit]Artist nameAncient Rites
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Liar! False prophet! You must die!
Bastard! Spit on you! Liar! Weak loser!
Spit on your cross! Christ!
How can one possibly follow your weak rules
You promised heaven
Rather descend into hell
Die Jesus Die
You only played a game on earth
Only an empty grave awaits
Die Nazarine Christ!
Find more similar lyrics on're hoping for a place in
heaven Could be hell
Only an empty grave awaits
No ressurection! No place for weak idols
No one is our master
We create our own rules
The Roman Empire can't tolerate the weak
No partisan activities can
bring our empire down
Don't threaten us!
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Lyrics to Crucifiction Justified (Roman Supremacy)
by Ancient Rites

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