Lyrics to Rose
by Andre Nickatina

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[edit]Song titleRose
[edit]Artist nameAndre Nickatina
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1
You used to like my style
I used to like your smile
I said I'll stay a sec
You said stay a while
You started sippin wine
Said i was on your mind
I said I'm thinkin of you too girl
You're hella fine
We hit the night time
For a late date
And every day after that
For eight months straight
Though we was rolled tight
We had small fights
You should've seen how we argued
Under street lights
I couldn't see your tears
From the pouring rain
You should've seen my body shake
When she said my name
She said I'm not the same
Andre you changed
I said baby it's pain
From the rap game
We went our seperate ways
Man I was hurt for days
Man, I didn't even call
I went through withdrawl
Flashbacks of her face
Hit me sometimes
And I be wondering man
Does she think of mines?
I think that Rose
Find more similar lyrics on through the
hardest time
Sometimes I put Al Geen on
and think of Rose
Being with you is like
a state of mind
Girl I'm thinkin about
you all the time
Verse 2
I saw her at a club
She was with a thug
She thought i would say hi
But i didn't show no love
The homies blazin buds
And now it's gettin live
But I knew that she knew
That I'd protect my pride
I see her watchful eye
From across the joint
And then she knew how I'd feel
If I heard her voice
Now some ladies talked
And other ladies walked
But when it came to you girl
Man there was a spark
Your whole anatomy man
Was like poetry
The very smell of your hair
Was like luxury
It was because of me
When the days were bright
I would come through
With my silent night

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Lyrics to Rose
by Andre Nickatina

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