Lyrics to Tears Of A Clown
by Andre Nickatina

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[edit]Song titleTears Of A Clown
[edit]Artist nameAndre Nickatina
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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it's mines i want that give me that
ricky shake the party screamin "where the remy at"
spinnin like some rims on some daytons and vouges
and my my my how the indo goes
freeze like a frosty with the cappucino taste
nickname my product like cookies in the cake
like damn baby I'm lovin' your beautiful face
but my fillmoe heart got my whole mindstate
so illegal like moonshine ryme design
temper like a phoneix when i open my eyes
and mash on it crash on it blast on it
count your money put your stash on it cash on it
bring your lifejacket cuz you just might drown
have you ever seen the tears of a clown get down
bring yo life jacket cuz you just might drown
have you ever seen the tears of a clown

rapid fire from the empire wit no desire
walking on a tightwire born again liar
you might not understand my love for rap
but until then show me where the money's at
and my tigers want cognac kovosia
clownin on freaks anytime of the day
with no pause no shame no game no blame
tearin' up the streets in my all star chucks
i'ma liquidate em all wit unforgetable paragraphs
it was all for the money so we took the wrong path(POW)
I got bullets that'll crack the sky
hit nacys for a burger milkshake and frys
"nicky why" is what they say when I hit the set
with no reply I'm gettin' high so they gots to geuss
but bring a lifejacket cuz you just might drown
have you ever seen the tears of a clown get down
Find more similar lyrics on a lifejacket cuz you just might drown
have you ever seen the tears of a clown

dot dot dotta dot
dot dot dotta
dot dot dotta dot
dot dot dotta
da messy getin crazy lookin like a cry baby
bacardi at the party for the flyest young lady
i told you about the frostys wit the cappucino taste
but what about the cats wit the gats in ya face? check it
luxery weapons facsinate the brain
baby get your ticket we on soul train
with nicky nicky raps raps nicky nicky rymes
nicky nicky caps caps nicky nicky crimes
i mob through the city as i crank the beat
fire up tuff on the gangsta streets
steer to the reer like a clear alear jet
hit the corner like a shadow with the grey siloette
like rex what's next
i gotta keep it bumpin
i gotta clown something when the hoes start frontin
and why i stay high off mary j. blige
and when theres a drought all birds do fly
all through the air 'till they hit yo set
and if you talk too much then you will get wet
but bring a life jacket cuz you just might drown
have you ever seen the tears of a clown get down
bring a lifejacket'cuz you just might drown
have you ever seen the tears of a clown
(ohhhohhohh ohh hahahaha your killin' me man
hohoho your killin me hahahaha ohh shit)
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Lyrics to Tears Of A Clown
by Andre Nickatina

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