Lyrics to Hurts to be in Love
by Andru Donalds

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[edit]Song titleHurts to be in Love
[edit]Artist nameAndru Donalds
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Music & Lyrics: Vanelli)

More and more
Your kiss feels like
an half open door
I can't get in
Please stop me before I begin
It hurts to be in love
When you've never gained enough
It hurts to be in love
Send this urge
Keeps my body right on the verge
We touch and then
I wanna do it over again
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When you only want me half as much
It hurts to be in love
I'm always worried
You think that I'm pushing to hard
Baby it hurts me
When you tell me that
I'm going to far

It's hurts to be in love
When you only want me half as much
Oh baby it hurts
It's hurts to be in love
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Lyrics to Hurts to be in Love
by Andru Donalds

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