Lyrics to Imperfectly
by Ani Difranco

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[edit]Song titleImperfectly
[edit]Artist nameAni Difranco
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm okay
If you get me at a good angle
And you're okay
In the right sort of light

And we don't look
Like pages from a magazine
But that's all right
That's all right

I crashed your pickup truck
And then I had to drive it back home
I was crying
I was so scared

Of what you would do
Of what you would say
But you just started laughing
So I started laughing along

Saying, it looks a little rough
But it runs okay
Find more similar lyrics on looks a little rough
But it runs good anyway

We get a little further from perfection
Each year on the road
I guess that's what they call character
I guess that's just the way it goes

Better to be dusty than polished
Like some store window mannequin
Why don't you touch me where I'm rusty
Let me stain your hands

When you're pretty as a picture
They pound down your door
But I've been offered love
In two dimensions before

And I know that it's not all
It's made out to be
Let's show them how it's done
Let's do it all imperfectly
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Lyrics to Imperfectly
by Ani Difranco

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