Lyrics to She Says
by Ani Difranco

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[edit]Song titleShe Says
[edit]Artist nameAni Difranco
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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she says forget what you have to do
pretend there is nothing
outside this room
and like an idea she came to me
but she came too late
or maybe too soon
I said please try not to love me
close your eyes, I'm turning on the light
you know I have no vacancy
and it's awfully cold outside tonight

the rain stains the brick a darker red
Find more similar lyrics on I'm rolling out of her bed
the rain stains the streets a darker black
I dress my face in stone
because I can't go back

I feel her eyes watching me
from behind the curtain of her hair
and she says I'm sorry
I didn't mean to stare
I say I think I really have to go now
but oh baby, maybe someday
maybe somehow.
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Lyrics to She Says
by Ani Difranco

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