Lyrics to Mad at the World
by Ann Beretta

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[edit]Song titleMad at the World
[edit]Artist nameAnn Beretta
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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here i am so take it all or leave it
stepping back leaves no room to breathe
in this day's over and i'm not coming back again for more
fake it, break it, anyway you take it
bite the hand that feeds
we might make it a pill
i've swallowed one hundred thousand times before and again...
here i go with no one to follow, a second
chance is harder if swallowed
Find more similar lyrics on up growing up
anyway you hold up
picking up the pieces in the line up, we all fall
down just like they told us we would
you're not what you used to be and you
might think the same of me
you're just not what i'm looking for today
i'm mad at the world today
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Lyrics to Mad at the World
by Ann Beretta

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