Lyrics to Heaven
by Anne Clark

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[edit]Song titleHeaven
[edit]Artist nameAnne Clark
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Every day is heaven
Moves further and further away
Familiar blue eyes I once knew
turn a colder shade of grey
Every day is heaven
Moves further and further away
Familiar words we used to share
Seem so difficult to say
And I am alone
In a world of cold flesh,
cold steel, cold stone
I close up like a clam
And shut the world out with
the slam of a door
Find more similar lyrics on shut out all the
fighting, all the hatred,
all the war
You just cannot stay calm
When your soul screams less
But something always wants more
What for?
Every day as heaven
Moves further and further away
Familiar blue eyes I once knew
turn a colder shade of grey
Every day
Heaven moves further and further away
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Lyrics to Heaven
by Anne Clark

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