Lyrics to U Just a Punk
by Ant Banks

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[edit]Song titleU Just a Punk
[edit]Artist nameAnt Banks
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yeah, c'mon, yeah
Some of this ol' hype shit, you know what I'm saying?
Fuck with it, punk nigga, yeah

Here we go with this ill shit, I knew I had to kick it
'Bout these punk ass niggas in the town thinking they wicked
It's my time, thought I couldn't spit rhymes?
Well my shit grinds, so kick back and watch me get mine

You fake ass popping that shit but can't fade
Talking about you're better, but nigga who's getting paid?
So wake up, your wack ass is weak as fuck
Raise up off my fucking nuts cause nigga your shit sucks

Fake rapper with your fat-ass ego
Boy you ain't moving shit in the E-A-S-T O
'Cause it's the city where the boys side, fool
(Aww shit)
Now you know what they riding to

Straight funk from the Crew that's Dangerous
And punk niggas like you can't hang with us
So get your bitch ass back before you get smacked
With the motherfucking rat-tat-tat-tat-tat

Motherfuckers don't fuck around, with the big Banks from Oaktown
Motherfuckers don't fuck around, or your punk ass will get beat down

Yeah, it goes down in the motherfucking town of Oakland
Try to clown and your ass gets smashed and smoked and
A lotta niggas I know grew up straight marks
Now they think they hard
(Nigga what's up, you want some funk, what's happening boy?)

Rolling with the crew, niggas deep as fuck
But when the shit goes down, your ass gots to cut
Punk nigga needs his ass kicked
Show that noggin on my block and I'm a blast it
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'Cause I done had it with the bullshit
You tapping all that lip, you wanna scrap, you getting fooled, bitch
Think you tough with the shit you talk
Behind a nigga back, ain't setting it off

You wanna go toe-to-toe come with it
Oh, I forgot, u just a punk, forget it

Motherfuckers don't fuck around, with the big Banks from Oaktown
Motherfuckers don't fuck around, or your punk ass will get beat down

I know you jealous of my crew and that's funny as hell
And all the hoes in the town know it's easy to tell
Your bitch is creeping to my house on the late night
Sucking on my dick like a motherfucking base pipe, yeah

That's why I'm like breaking it down to ya
The whole click is making their rounds, nigga
Tramp slut with the big ol' butt
Drinking gallons of nut, so boy you know what's up

Stop fronting, and playing them bitch-ass games
Before your ass gets smoked and I ain't playing no games
Don't trip just because you know I'm talking to you
And when my boys catch you slipping, your ass is through

'Cause I come from the crew that's Dangerous
And punk niggas like you can't hang with us
So get your bitch-ass back before you cold get
Smacked with the motherfucking rat-tat-tat-tat-tat

Yeah, punk motherfucker, know what I'm saying?
Dangerous Crew in that motherfucking ass, nigga

Motherfuckers don't fuck around with the Big Banks from Oaktown
Motherfuckers don't fuck around or your punk ass will get beat down
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Lyrics to U Just a Punk
by Ant Banks

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