Lyrics to Shout
by Ant & Dec

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[edit]Song titleShout
[edit]Artist nameAnt & Dec
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Start screaming just be bold,
Everybody likes to see the freaks explode
They always know better that you,
But they never really know what to do
The situation's like a loaded gun,
If you don't wise up you could be the one
Nobody really likes your ways,
But hey man it doesn't matter anyway

You talk and talk their minds made up
You beg and pray, the only way
they're gonna listen today is

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Still laughing, don't know why,
If you look outside it'll make you cry
I still think this is one big joke,
But there's kids on the street and they're getting smoked
The news brings you down, hey, what can I say,
Go and turn it off but there's no getting away
Never paid attention to the man at stake,
But you better pay attention now 'cos it's too late

from The Mellow Pages
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Lyrics to Shout
by Ant & Dec

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