Lyrics to Traces
by Anthony Phillips

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[edit]Song titleTraces
[edit]Artist nameAnthony Phillips
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The girl in the gallery,
The way she moves her hair,
Footsteps in the Autumn leaves,
Turning and finding no-one there
Traces of you in the morning light
Traces of you in the night
You're haunting me still
I don't even have to try
I always find those...
Traces of you all around my life
Traces of you like a Knife
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You're tearing my world apart
Don't torture me
The ring of the telephone
The quizzical hello
The glass in my hand shaking
Lying shattered in the snow
I saw a face in a picture show
Those Alborado eyes calling me
I see trees, I see indigo
I can't keep up this disguise
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Lyrics to Traces
by Anthony Phillips

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