Lyrics to Turncoat
by Anti-Flag

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[edit]Song titleTurncoat
[edit]Artist nameAnti-Flag
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Turncoat, killer, liar, thief
Criminal with protection of the law

States lies dressed up as evening news
We're tired of lies, we want the truth
Broadcast by corpses courting you
We're tired of lies, we want the truth
Most people they will never know
We're tired of lies, we want the truth
With your or against you? Then I am against you because you're a

Turncoat, killer, liar, thief
Criminal with protection of the law
Turncoat, killer, liar, thief
Criminal with protection of the law

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Makes me wanna
Douse myself in gasoline
Civil servants fall in line for you
Too brainwashed to see the truth
You use anyone you can

Turncoat, killer, liar, thief
Criminal with protection of the law
Turncoat, killer, liar, thief
Criminal with protection of the killer, liar

Turncoat and a thief
Criminal with protection of the law
The law
Criminal with protection of the law
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Lyrics to Turncoat
by Anti-Flag

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