Lyrics to Rooots
by Antidoping

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[edit]Song titleRooots
[edit]Artist nameAntidoping
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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roots, rock, reggae

in the morning when i wake up i turn on the
radio... roots, rock, reggae all the week i am
hearing positive noise... roots, rock, reggae
smoking sin semilla... sin semilla... roots, rock,
reggae jah gave it to me... jah gave it to me man

coro roots, rock, reggae roots, rock, reggae

the reggae has originated in jamaica jamaica by
bob marley, peter thos and many many more many
more rasta people this is love and harmony music
Find more similar lyrics on and concious music thats why reggae
music has gone so far america, australia and
africa mÉxico, canada, guatemala,
argentina chile, pana, urugua, costa rica,
paraguay brasil, puerto rico

this is music has gone all around the world jah
jah music has gone all around the world reddae
rhythm has gone all around the wordl give me...
some give me... some

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Lyrics to Rooots
by Antidoping

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