Lyrics to All the Stalls Stink
by Apologetix

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[edit]Song titleAll the Stalls Stink
[edit]Artist nameApologetix
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All the stalls stink - two bears, two pigs
I'll take one whiff - before i get sick
Wallabies, rhinos - you'll see on my boat
Watch me straightening - the mess they're making
Save your raincoat - I will not go
Where's the Lysol? - carry me soap
Hey guys - uh oh
There's a skunk - I know
She left the odor by the stairs
She likes to let me know she's scared
Save your raincoat - I will not go
Here's a nice thought - Camels need Scope
Find more similar lyrics on your raincoat - I will not go
Time to wipe off - a pair of hippos
keep the boat still - I've been sorta ill
I might just throw up - in all this swill
Save your raincoat - I will not go
Worldwide flood - very big boat
We should just chill - trust the Lord still
And life will go on - and life will go on
I know it will.

Genesis 6:20
Two of every kind of bird,
of every kind of animal,
and of every kind of creature
that moves along the ground
will come to you to be kept alive.
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Lyrics to All the Stalls Stink
by Apologetix

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