Lyrics to Galloping Through the Battle Ruins
by Arghoslent

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[edit]Song titleGalloping Through the Battle Ruins
[edit]Artist nameArghoslent
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Charging forth through endless
battles, bravely ahead
Overtop of enemy lines and into the fire
Choking clouds of mustard
gas, sears their eyes
We march through the endless
fray, to victory or death

Charging through the slaughter
Nobly born meet their fate
Courage in their victory before destiny

Supply lines feed the endless tide
As despotic soldiers March
toward our treasured sites
Symbiotic decay, strips of flesh melt away
As a choking pallor of death with our victory
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Headlong into the smoking ruin,
Armored artillery ride
Unexpected biological mean to
cease the enemies' stride
Flesh burns...

Radiological waves
Biological strains
Death down from the skies

Armored artillery
Mechanized infantry
Air cavalry
Dead in their tracks, all have died
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Lyrics to Galloping Through the Battle Ruins
by Arghoslent

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