Lyrics to The Photograph
by Ari Herstand

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[edit]Song titleThe Photograph
[edit]Artist nameAri Herstand
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hi, hello again
I can't believe it's been four years since
Your smile, I know it sounds dumb but back at home I have
This photo of the two of us standing with a boy I don't remember
But this picture, I've kept for simply one reason
Your smile

Hi, hello again. I see you but I'm afraid to leave
What do you say that you and me go someplace far away
Like Paris or Rome or Barcelona
I mean
Just kidding how about we go for coffee instead and

I'll find that picture that I've waited to share
We’ll lay down I'll stroke the curls in your hair
I'm racing too quickly but I'll return revived
Here I sit wishing hope in your smile
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Hi, hello again. Please pinch me I need to wake up
What do you say - I was just thinking let’s get married
I mean
Just kidding that's a little quick and what I meant to say was
How are you
I'm happy now let’s start with that.

You are that picture that I've waited to share
We’ll lay down I'll stroke the curls in your hair
I'm racing too quickly but I'll return revived
Here I sit wishing hope in your smile

Hey I almost forgot to say
Your beautiful, so beautiful, your beautiful
Just like in that photograph
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Lyrics to The Photograph
by Ari Herstand

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