Lyrics to Dark Before the Dawn
by Artension

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[edit]Song titleDark Before the Dawn
[edit]Artist nameArtension
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I Know What You Want Me To Be
It's Clear And It's Plain To See
A Robot Programmed To Obey
With No Emotions In The Way
I'll Never Break !!!!

It's Dark Before The Dawn

Now, What Do You Want Me To Say?
Life Could Be Better This Way?
Between Machine And Mankind
The Matrix Controlling My Mind
I'll Disobey!!!!
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It's Dark Before The Dawn
Dark Before The Dawn
Dark Before The Dawn

I Know What Your Plan Is For Me
A Cross Between Man And Machine
Soldier Programmed To Obey
Exchanging Murder For Pay
I Shall Be Free!!!

It's Dark Before The Dawn
Dark Before The Dawn
Dark Before The Dawn
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Lyrics to Dark Before the Dawn
by Artension

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