Lyrics to Nightly Disguise
by Ashmolean

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[edit]Song titleNightly Disguise
[edit]Artist nameAshmolean
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In the garden of eden, tempastuous lust
introduce night with the sweet howling of wolfs,
darkness conquers all the light
As I float on the wind, they're my master

I behold thee, and time, bewitched
is experienced faster and faster
Flames of endless pain, dancing in your tiny eyes
as you stare right trough my humble disguise

Invested in me, the strength of your healing
toutching you, softly, as your body has lost all feeling
ghostlike images appear in my mind
as I try to search but do not find.

Small nightmares of daylight, cursed by despair
impowerded by dreams, of your distinguished flair
to the deepest depth, my heart cleaved from pain
with a reflection imprinted by shame

Those who could really stir my heart to the ground and
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They would find many fresh bleeding wounds, and in
spite of the low of nature, I will
stay in the grief in the
misery of love.

As I put on my nightly disguise for you and fly away
remeber my gifts for you.

Deep as the sea I pressed in my heart, her mouth
and her sweet face
Because she is my shield from all

Not knowing how I could forget her and if destiny
A powerfull reward of life

When the joy is over and the courage abbs away
the tidal way of passion.
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Lyrics to Nightly Disguise
by Ashmolean

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