Lyrics to Black Mighty Gods
by Astarte

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[edit]Song titleBlack Mighty Gods
[edit]Artist nameAstarte
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Black mighty Gods
Invocate the serpent
Demons of darkness
Unleash from Hell
Creeping under the Swallow earth
Beyond the eye of mortal sins

She rise pathway of blood
No one escape from her sorrow
Lloth the mighty queen
Seductress of Gods and mortals

Agony paints the eyes of a strange
Summon the age of fearful land

Black mighty Gods
Symbol of Death
Dark mighty filth
Lloth spider queen

Black Mighty gods
Symbols of death
Find more similar lyrics on mighty queen
Mesmerize my mind

Recall the flames of evil mask
Shapes her beauty forever in pain.

Agony paints the eyes of a strange
Summon the age of fearful land
Across the eye of leading Mistress
Black Mighty Gods

Muses rise in the open Darkness
Marriage deathless
fate of the Queen
Her unworn deep silence
Gathers spirits of revenge
Leading her Maiden
away from Innocence
Pride of LLOTH
Queen of Sorrow
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Lyrics to Black Mighty Gods
by Astarte

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