Lyrics to Soldier of Time
by At Vance

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[edit]Song titleSoldier of Time
[edit]Artist nameAt Vance
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Closing your eyes
to discover your mind
raisin your weapons
against the enemys you'll find

crossing your sword
in glorious fights
don't waste a word
as you fight with the knights

graceful they stand
honored they fall
heroes of their land
can't you their call

(from the ) soldiers of time

fightin a battle
with all of the greats
wounded you fall
but it's never too late
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stand up and fight
and the victory be'll yours
wrong won't be right
you could be opening the doors

graceful you stand
you'll never fail
hereoe of your land
you've got to survive

You've been a soldier of time
One in a million
Crossing the line
Your star will always shine
Thruout the centuries
To light up the sky

You've been a
soldier of time....
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Lyrics to Soldier of Time
by At Vance

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