Lyrics to The x has Come.
by Atmosphere

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[edit]Song titleThe x has Come.
[edit]Artist nameAtmosphere
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Straight up I love my son
and, lord knows that I'ma do everything in his power to bring him back home
thun. He over in Jamaica,his Mom's must wanna meet her maker ,how could he
forsake the heart and the bond of the baker .
/,Don,got cash,/,cool like the Phonz,
watch ya a** put bail bonds on You and his Moms .
think you riding,think you hiding on the D A D ,
you could never take my seed,I'd rather D I E .
with more speed than Keanu Reeves,on the bus,
cause you not just bucking with him u bucking with us.
His whole family cause he 1 of us,
they like who the buck are you I think you gone get touched.
betta watch ya lust-a**,**tch-a**,coniving-a** ways,
before instead of me you get played.
you can pass this letter ,you'r gone hope you feel better,
just let my Dog know ("ruff")(like a puppy barking)
I'm bout too come and get him. and

chorus:The time has come for me to get you,
Daddy's coming home for you, gotta get youuuuuuuuuuu,
Just be patient,and you know ,I'll always wanna be with you,
Aint going nowhere ,you knowwww,I'ma be right there/here.

I thought everything was cool,why did you have to go do some ole fool a**
bullshit,kinda made me wanna pull it .
To ya dome piece,could've just went down to Jones Beach,if you wanted a man
or a tan but, you had to go Pan-am.
The flight a baby crook she bucked up my whole night,
Fathers day his Birthday yo! that aint right.
What the **ck it only takes 2 tickets,2 tokens,
you'd rather keep chasing *d**k,and keep our hearts broken.
but I keep hope alive and, you can't keep a good man down,
I aint playing around,brown man striving.
besta be ducking when you see me driving ,
Find more similar lyrics on be tucking or trucking,when you see me firing.
like the boss,with mad force,Microphone-showgun
might win some this 1 you lost.
dont tell no-one about the cost or the weather,
just let my dog know (ruff) I'm bout to come and get'em! and

chorus:The time has come , for me , to get youu,
Daddy's coming home , for you , gotta get youuuuu.
Just be patient, and you know ,I always wanna be with you,
Aint going nowhere ,you knowww,I'ma be right there.

I know you'r man smoke the woolie with the splif,
lady you'r shady dont be too quik to open up you'r next gift.
I admit it,used to pray for you thank God you were cool,
til, you made ya move, just made me and the Gods rude.
Major mistake, kinda like Mad Cows food,
and these are the breaks,Wo!, thought girl was jeweled.
but she blind as a bat,and I'm alright with that,
long as she can sign these papers and give me my son before I scrape her.
tryed to play me cause I have'nt seen him in a while,
but,remember when you Swayze,he still gonna be my child.
it hurted at 1st cause you took him the whole Summer,
you inspired the worst in me and this song gonna get a Hummer.
and that's the same ride that I'ma come get'em with,
and if he aint outside you gonna get some slumber chick.
you dont even have to pack or wash his s**T Hun,
just let my man know ay yo!(ruff) I'm bout to come and get him.

Chorus: The time has come,for me , to get youu,
Daddy's coming home , for you, gotta get youuuuuuuu,
Just be patient, and you know, I always wanna be with youu,
Aint going nowhere, you know, I'ma be right here.(2-3x's)
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Lyrics to The x has Come.
by Atmosphere

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