Lyrics to The Squeeze
by Atreyu

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[edit]Song titleThe Squeeze
[edit]Artist nameAtreyu
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sometimes it feels like the juice is just one, hell of a squeeze.
I'm wringing it out my hands, drinking in my agony.
I love this shit and I hate this shit, I need it just to survive.
I've served my time, I've earned my keep, and now I'm taking what's mine
(And only I can stop me)

So what is it that you were fighting for?
Is it something that's worth dying for?
Look me in the eyes, don't tell me.
Is it in your heart, what your striving for?
A painful lesson learned is worth so much more (so much more).
Can you open up your eyes and see?

All of our lives we ask ourselves is this really what's meant for us,
Find more similar lyrics on a cold hard look at youself, it takes heart to face your reality.
I can, I cannot give two shits about your self doubt, when it's time to rise
I won't sell myself out (I won't sell myself out).


And doubt falls away, like pages in a good book like an autumn leaf's decay.
And doubt falls away, like sand in an hourglass the end of a perfect day.

And doubt falls away, like pages in a good book like an autumn leaf's decay.
And doubt falls away, like sand in an hourglass


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Lyrics to The Squeeze
by Atreyu

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