Lyrics to Love is Dead
by Atrocity

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[edit]Song titleLove is Dead
[edit]Artist nameAtrocity
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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music: T. Bauer, M. Roderer
/ lyrics: A. Krull

i feel a cold breath of wind
black sky in mourning-veil
i see no worth-living reason
oh no,
it's driving me insane
pangs of love
never thought i would feel this way
i see your face in every cloud
and i say to myself
don't let me, lete me fade away

love is dead

i walk through desert fields
black ravens surrounding me
i have no more jest for life
no more,
Find more similar lyrics on'm bleeding from inside
a once opened heart
never thought i would feel this way
i search for any reason or cause
which i could never find
so i blame myself for things
i don't understand

love is dead

all my life is pain
drowned in tears
never thought i would feel this way
everyday i die once more
my heart turns black
never again safe and warm

love is dead

lead: T. Bauer, M. Rodere
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Lyrics to Love is Dead
by Atrocity

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