Lyrics to Don't Censor me
by Audio Adrenaline

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[edit]Song titleDon't Censor me
[edit]Artist nameAudio Adrenaline
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Pop bang boom pow
kill somebody and you take a bow
Naughty (words), naughty (words)
mouth full of potty (words)

You stretch and you flex
and you swin your S.E.X.
I try to talk about G.O.D.
why you wanna censor me?

I'm the salt of the earth
the city on a hill
My light's twice as bright
I'm gonna show you something real

So Don't (don't),
don't (don't), don't
Don't censor me

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we just wanna let it out
No fuss and no cuss
you still try to censor us
Only one word shakes the earth
only one word holds the worth
One word G.O.D.
why you wanna censor me?



Don't censor me
You can't shut me up!
So don't even try!


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Lyrics to Don't Censor me
by Audio Adrenaline

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