Lyrics to Do you Miss Meaning Everything to me
by Audio Karate

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[edit]Song titleDo you Miss Meaning Everything to me
[edit]Artist nameAudio Karate
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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it doesn't seem to matter what you say you will
never feel the same it doesn't seem to matter what
you do I will fall in love with you and everyday I
think we grow apart I guess I saw it from the
start I guess I knew that you and I won't be It
doesn't mean that I can't dream about you think
about you still you complete a part of me I never
knew I had to fill I'd give you everything like
the times I'd sing on the phone to you was not the
easiest thing to do you know its true and I swear
by my heart there is nothing on earth that will
keep us apart and all I have I swear I give to you
all that I say you and I will begin this way when
Find more similar lyrics on fall in love with me it doesn't seem to matter
what I say you will never be the same it doesn't
seem to matter what you do I will fall in love
with you and everyday I wonder how you feel if
your sincerity is real I took the time I softly
called your name I know I should've screamed
instead do you miss meaning everything to me cause
not a day goes by if I had kissed you it just
might have changed our destiny cause we were meant
to be i'm standing on one knee wont you please
just marry me you know its true you know it could
have been this way.
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Lyrics to Do you Miss Meaning Everything to me
by Audio Karate

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