Lyrics to When the 2 is on the mic
by Audio Two

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[edit]Song titleWhen the 2 is on the mic
[edit]Artist nameAudio Two
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"To the beat y'all.." (*repeat through song*)

When - Milk is on the mic you can say I'm milkin
All the rhymes I write are made of silk and steel
Yes y'all, I know the deal
Right about now I'll tell you how I feel
When Milk is on the tables yes y'all I said it
I scratch like THIS! {*scratching*}
.. don't forget
When I'm in a room it's science I'm droppin
Supportin K-Rock as he goes hoe hoppin
Effect on the voice make the voice sound milky
.. the smooth rhymes made silky
I can rock a rhyme in two minutes or less
That's on a bad day, at my best
At any time I can change my style
That is because I'm versatile
Like Nike's on my feet, and..
Bobby's on the beat, yo..
Giz is at the board, hey..
Gary press record!..
My colors red and white..
I rock it day or night, y'know..
My dad's got my back..
Yo Giz this style is wack, so bust it

"To the beat y'all.." (*repeats as Giz scratches*)

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When Giz has got the mic you can say I'm juicin
other MC's as I start to get loose and rhyme
One time at the drop of a dime
Now I'ma clock the mic, now I'ma shock the mic
Now I'ma rock the mic while I go for mine
One day while I was walkin, girlies out stalkin
Brothers on the corner, sorta like hawkin
my style for a while cause I'm very versatile
I can grab the mic and rock a four minute mile
Now as I kept steppin, brothers kept sleppin
or should I say sleepin, while I was just keepin
the beat in my stride you know like a dance
Death defyin rope, just to enhance my look
Like a book or a well written rap
("To the beat y'all")
If I was (?) I'd be from the tap
Okay y'all, I'm almost there
Rockin down the street with all the fresh gear
Yo Milk, grab this mic, cause I'm outta here

Yo Giz, where's your girl? Go get her
Yo pull out the keys to your Jetta!
I'm MC Milk D, that's DJ Gizmo
We're the Audio Two
And we're in full-l-l-l-l-l-l effffect, boyyyyyyyys!

"To the beat y'all.." (*repeat to end*)
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Lyrics to When the 2 is on the mic
by Audio Two

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