Lyrics to Sleeper
by Audioweb

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[edit]Song titleSleeper
[edit]Artist nameAudioweb
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm only sleeping (x2)

Woke up this morning going back to bed
Alarm clock ringing in tune with my head
The .......................
to leave my boredom
...................... just 'cos
I cannot ..............
........... TV is my TV
Because the council ............ after me
And when it's on it's
pictures .............
I numb to the war in a distant country

I'm only sleeping

So I cover myself
................. my quilt
My power's run down and so is my guilt
At times like this I'm at a loss
Drifting in dreams ...................
............. my face and
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The DSS is on my back
I used to care a lot
Now the world spins before me
These days consist of sleep
......... days ........... TV


I'm only sleeping (x2)
Don't wake me, don't wake me
I'm only sleeping
Don't call me, don't wake me
I'm only sleeping


Don't wake me, don't shake me
I'm only sleeping
Don't wake me, don't wake me
I'm only sleeping
I'm only dreaming
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Lyrics to Sleeper
by Audioweb

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