Lyrics to A Wish Full of Dreams
by August Burns Red

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[edit]Song titleA Wish Full of Dreams
[edit]Artist nameAugust Burns Red
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do I dare question it?
This world is ending with
Countless years of false doubting
Let's get up and arise

Your dreams are long gone
Your dreams are long gone

Now you told me to never hold back mercy
So, this is now evolving into your own interpretation
Let's just, let's just call this fair play
Let's just call fair play
Let's just call this fair play

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We are, we are always too quick to point the finger
We must begin the downfall of their branches
We are too quick
We are too quick to point the finger on our closest companions
Point the finger Incomprehensible

Fly away into a dream full of hope
Soar above the branches, the branches

Incomprehensible above the Incomprehensible
Incomprehensible soar above into the branches
Incomprehensible soar above into the faraway stars
Incomprehensible soar above into the faraway stars
Incomprehensible soar above into the faraway stars
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Lyrics to A Wish Full of Dreams
by August Burns Red

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