Lyrics to Easy on Your own
by Australian Crawl

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[edit]Song titleEasy on Your own
[edit]Artist nameAustralian Crawl
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Shirt tails falpping in the wind
waiting for my train to come in
Ticket reads like a faithful friend
Run the gamut back again
Rounds completed there's no more crowds
Towel around my neck-it's finished now
Stumbles blindly to the door
Impending Monday morn

It's easy on your own
It's easy on your own
I'm gonna find a
Way back home

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Time lapse it's just what you need
Walk in darkness and a light in view
It's none too soon
Vacant heads in a restaurant
Hand to hold, not really what you want
Thay're all paired and
it's all up front
Take another punt

It's easy on your own
It's easy on your own
I'm gonna find a
Way back home
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Lyrics to Easy on Your own
by Australian Crawl

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