Lyrics to Find Your way
by Authority Zero

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[edit]Song titleFind Your way
[edit]Artist nameAuthority Zero
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What did you want?
What were you waiting to see?
Just take a look around, you'll
see the same old story
I'm unconscious again finding a means to an end
I'm trying to forget all about forgotten

So what's the use in making lies up,
when promises have dried up
Go out in the end
Living in your misfortune and
dying to break way someday
Find your way

The more I walk around these streets the
more they all look this way
Crooked situations on a different day
How'd I survive? With friends by my side
Now pick me up to watch me fall down
Bottled up dreams will make it alright

I've got to make a choice and hope I make it right
It always seems to come around and kick you down
To let you know that nothing comes free
I don't know where I'm going, and
can't wait to understand
In times like this I vouch for myself,
Find more similar lyrics on I know no one else can
I find myself in question
Sometimes I lose control
No big surprise I'm sure
Just saying I'm aware, this I know

What did you want?
What were you waiting to see?
Just take a look around, you'll
see the same old story
I'm unconscious again finding a means to an end
I'm trying to forget all about forgotten

(You'll find your way)
Would someone tell me what is this?
Only my existence
The only way to face this is bumps and bruises
No resistance
I've got to try and face this
The more I pick up my feet the more I land on my face
It's dimmer situations
No resistance
I've got to try and face this
Bumps and bruises
Tell me what is this thing that I'm faced with
No more excuses
Bound to find your way
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Lyrics to Find Your way
by Authority Zero

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