Lyrics to Superbitch
by Authority Zero

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[edit]Song titleSuperbitch
[edit]Artist nameAuthority Zero
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I see you walkin' as you're walkin' by
I gotta wonder, gotta wonder why
I'm gonna give it to you just one more time

'Cause baby, when I see your face
You take me away to that special place
Take me away and you're tellin' me that you're mine

You're never ever gonna see
That baby, it's just you and me
Come on, baby girl, now you're so fine

Come on, baby, take my hand
Come on, girl, you've gotta understand
That I'm going away so that I can be with you
We're gonna

Here we go, here we go, boom, boom, boom
Clearin' the room, starin' like a goon
If you're under the zero sound you will be soon
Estamos trayendo mucho ruido
Y no pueden decir nada

'Bout the phunk style that we do, we get down
I thought forever, happiness it was so close to me
Happiness too good to be, too good to be, too good to be, yeah, yeah
I swore I'd always have you by my side
But now, I know, I was just along for the ride, the ride, oh, yeah
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Fumondo mota just ain't no thing
Y acabo de suber tu madre just the same yeah
I got, I got my boys, we came to make noise
And everybody's gonna be down with the phunk sound

Be together, I thought forever, well, happiness is so close to me
Happiness too good to be, too good to be, too good to be, yeah, yeah
I swore I'd always have you by my side
But now, I know, I was just along for the ride
You heard it once before, come one and hear it again
Bitches ain't shit, but hoes and trix yeah, yeah, yeah

One, two, everybody lemme go
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go

You tore me all apart, you put me right in two
Well, nothing was there like it was supposed to
But fuck it, forget it because nothing's the same
I'm moving up in life making myself a name

Push me around, do what you gotta do
You cold-hearted bitch, I gotta big fuck you
Movin' up in life and I'm forgettin' about you
Can't you see, you fuckin' bitch we're through?
Yeah, yeah and I'm forgettin' about you
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Lyrics to Superbitch
by Authority Zero

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