Lyrics to Long way to Fall
by Autopilot Off

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[edit]Song titleLong way to Fall
[edit]Artist nameAutopilot Off
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Eyes Fixed and Dilated
Stuck Staring out
So jaded and frustrated
Dragging you down
You can only see so much when
you're relying on your
There's an instinct inside everyone
It's the engine and the drive

It's a Long way to fall
once you lose all those aspirations.
It's a Long way to fall

Find more similar lyrics on I've got in my heart and my head
I won't give it away because
it's all that I am.

So listless, indifferent, distant and cold.
No feeling, no meaning.
Stuck in a hole.
Leave your ideals with your
memories like they're
something you've outgrown.
And the days go by you're
paralyzed and you slowly
turn to stone.
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Lyrics to Long way to Fall
by Autopilot Off

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