Lyrics to Revolution
by Autumn Leaves

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[edit]Song titleRevolution
[edit]Artist nameAutumn Leaves
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I sense the presence of an overwhelming fear
Freezing my soul distorts my visions once so clear

Stagnated inside this frozen personality
Reflecting what the fuck’s inside of me?
The past fear reveals only to deliver pain
I question the normal in the challenge with the insane

Through my fragile veins runs bloodred tragedy
Within my shivering heart…dwell the secrets
of fearborn misery
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I sense the presence of an overwhelming fear
Freezing my soul distorts my visions once so clear

The autumn leaves and tears still fill my eyes
The frantic despair born from past revealing lies
Once passionate now overshadowed by uncertainty
Ignorance – man’s true identity

A mind evolution has begun
Revolution 21
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Lyrics to Revolution
by Autumn Leaves

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