Lyrics to Silent Waterstream
by Autumn

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[edit]Song titleSilent Waterstream
[edit]Artist nameAutumn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The truth is harsh, that is why it has never been
told I beg you on my knees, my head against the
floor To me it seems that in darkness, the world
is fold Is it true nobody will speak, can you tell
me more

Reality is gone in the quest for the source of
life Until now it has been like living in a
Find more similar lyrics on dream Redeem me from my gloomy thoughts,
and my inner strife Please let them flow away,
like a silent waterstream

I lost myself in the rhythm of my breathing
Waterstream I found myself in a caress of silence
Silent Waterstream
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Lyrics to Silent Waterstream
by Autumn

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