Lyrics to The Emerald Widower
by Autumnblaze

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[edit]Song titleThe Emerald Widower
[edit]Artist nameAutumnblaze
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Farewell I say to you my dear
But thou cannot turn thine head around
Once we danced on naked stars
The magic of a tragic love
Nightwoven dreamtales and silkwooden kingdoms
Mornings as pure as thy moonshine itself
The sun was your crown
She brightened my heart
And comets did wait to tear us apart
Find more similar lyrics on did you leave this velvet paradise
I think you’ve lost thine unicorn eye
Remember the nights when we wandered alone
You had the choice so you preferred to die
I’ve teached you to weep like a withering rose
You kissed me indeed like noone of those
The sun was your crown
She darkened my heart
And comets did fall to tear us apart
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Lyrics to The Emerald Widower
by Autumnblaze

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