Lyrics to Wastelands
by Avantasia

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[edit]Song titleWastelands
[edit]Artist nameAvantasia
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A moment of glory
The blink of an eye and it's all gone
You hide in confinement
Dark is the cell that you call home

We pretend to be blind
everytime it hurts to see

You - you close your eyes
To blink the night away
At ease in the wastelands
You - you're dead and blind
You sanctify the way
Blindfold in the wastelands
Don't tell me in pain
Find more similar lyrics on end doesn't justify the means
Spado, ascetic
It's easy to sermonize in jealousy

Now I'm off to life
I'm changing sides
Your final goodbye

You - you close your eyes
To blink the tears away
Love hurts in the wastelands
You - you're old and blind
You sacrifice it all
Lost in the wastelands
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Lyrics to Wastelands
by Avantasia

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