Lyrics to Night of Demonic Worship
by Avatar

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[edit]Song titleNight of Demonic Worship
[edit]Artist nameAvatar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The calling of the four elemental powers
hate rises in the sky
Blood flows over my cold body
this is my covenant with... Satan

Demons possess my black soul
Demons let my powers grow

I awake from Hell
On jesus christ I plant a Spell
Dragon God arise
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Demons possess my black soul
Demons let my powers grow
Ending the ritual burning the crucifix
To present my aggression against Jehovah
Now the ritual is ended and
I leave my pentagram
Every ritual is a step into the Abyss of hell
Where the Ancient Ones lie in wait
To rule this earth once more!
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Lyrics to Night of Demonic Worship
by Avatar

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