Lyrics to Method of Love
by Aztec Camera

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[edit]Song titleMethod of Love
[edit]Artist nameAztec Camera
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Words and music by Roddy Frame

The sun that drowns everything in gold
Feeling it taking hold, holding her hand
The hue of her hair,
colouring every care
Willing to share, who'd understand?

As faith breaks down
In the shadow of a cold cathedral

Make a wish for the one you love
As the storm sets the leaves in motion
Let it blow on the breeze
of a deep blue ocean
Love's a bird in the human hand
Feel it breathe as your fingers open
Find more similar lyrics on it stay here and sing
If its wings were broken?
That's the method of love

By chance she calls
Shatters the mood I'm in
Letting the light shine in
Bathe me in grace
The trials of time
Course though this heart of mine
Feel her erase
Every trace

And stand by me
In the deluge of the slings and arrows

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Lyrics to Method of Love
by Aztec Camera

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